5 Factors That Extend The Life Of Your Asphalt Driveway

5 Factors That Extend The Life Of Your Asphalt Driveway

A long-lasting asphalt parking lot or driveway is the result of a job well done. The best asphalt parking lot or driveways are durable, attractive, and have an easy-to-maintain surface. Professional asphalt contractor companies like National Pavement Partners in Denver, CO, ensure that the following five requirements are fulfilled for a quality asphalt driveway installation.

1. High-Quality Material

Quality asphalt will withstand the wear and tear of daily traffic and will not warp or crack soon. It is also cost-efficient because asphalt that lasts longer doesn’t need as much repair work, saving you money.

Asphalt shouldn’t contain too much sand because it results in an asphalt mixture that doesn’t bind well. It should also not be too wet or settle and crack when the asphalt dries out, nor should it be too dry because it will be dusty to walk on and will not bond well with other materials.

2. Technically Sound Design

Technical design considerations for asphalt pavements include grading the subbase, compaction of aggregate base, and asphalt mixture. Details such as grade changes, embankment protection layers, drainage issues are also crucial to asphalt design.

3. Good Construction Practices

The asphalt mixture needs sufficient binder content to remain cohesive and not degrade in the sun. Asphalt must have a minimum of 60% binder content by weight to stay durable and not crack. The mixture also needs at least 25% asphalt cement content by weight. The asphalt mixture should be mixed with clean water in a large enough volume to allow for asphalt free of air bubbles or dry spots, and it shouldn’t have chunks of asphalt larger than .25 inches long.

4. Proper Compaction

The compaction process is critical to asphalt paving material because the asphalt will not maintain its shape or integrity without proper compaction. It also ensures water doesn’t pool in places where it can cause deterioration.

Quality compaction includes:

  • Compacting with a drum roller at least four times in areas of about 120 square feet and then lightly brushing to ensure that it’s fully blended into the aggregate.
  • Using asphalt binder at the rate of one gallon per 40 square feet
  • 75% density of coverage on each surface ensures that there are no voids where water can collect after rain, which will cause the asphalt to deteriorate.

5. Regular Maintenance

Regular asphalt maintenance includes cleaning the asphalt surface of any debris, such as leaf litter, branches, and tree leaves. These materials will clog the pores in asphalt, preventing it from breathing properly, leading to premature deterioration. The best way to remove these items is with a blower or broom, followed by sweeping the surface again before sealcoating. The asphalt should also be inspected for cracks and patched as needed. It is essential to seal your asphalt at least once every 2 – 3 years with an application of liquid asphalt emulsion to protect it from water penetration which can cause asphalt to deteriorate.

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