How Technology Has Transformed the Way We Create Pavements?

Since technology is advancing at a rapid pace, it is playing a central role in our daily lives. May it be the smartphone that we use or the television sets or any other kitchen appliance, everything is powered by technology and often becomes obsolete with the passage of time.

We all use technology and often want the latest tech when it comes to products or services. The same goes for the asphalt paving industry. If you want to learn how new technology plays a role in the repair & installation process of asphalt paving, we are excited to announce new grading & slope technology and the advancements in asphalt mixes.

Below are some of the approaches to asphalt pavement installation that have changed over time.

How Technology Has Changed Asphalt Paving Today?

Laser-Guided Transits

These are the most advanced pieces of equipment for asphalt paving. Laser transits have revolutionized the industry in terms of accuracy and quality. The laser transit helps to accurately calculate grade elevations, allowing for faster and more efficient installations with fewer mistakes.

Laser-controlled grading is the “fine-tuning” of the surface before initiating the asphalt paving process using equipment like bulldozers, road graders and other such grading equipment. With the following technology, you will be allowed to get a proper base or stone base installation having a tolerance that far outweighs traditional methodologies for asphalt paving.

GPS-Controlled Paving Machines

GPS-controlled machines provide real-time data that allows asphalt pavers to make on-the-fly adjustments, increasing precision in the installation process. This technology also helps pavements last much longer with fewer maintenance needs over time.

GPS paver machines are becoming increasingly popular due to their accuracy and efficiency in creating quality pavement products. With GPS control, the dimensional accuracy of the pavement is improved, thus allowing for a smoother and longer-lasting surface.

Nuclear Density Testing

In most pavement projects, a sub-base is laid and compacted before the paving process initiates. However, without testing the sub-base, there’s no way that one can assess whether the surface is structurally sound for the asphalt.

This is where nuclear density testing comes into play. This technology uses specialized detectors to measure the density of the underlying material, making sure that it meets all necessary requirements before paving takes place. It is an essential part of any asphalt paving project and ensures that the end product has a long life with minimal maintenance needs.

The Geo Grid Sub Base Support

Back in the day, undercutting repairs would take up a great deal of cost and time, however, with the GeoGrid Sub Base Support, this has been reduced significantly. The geogrid offers base support which helps to reduce undercutting by providing a stable platform for asphalt paving and also makes installation much easier and faster.

It not only saves considerable time & money, but it also offers lasting results with improved structural integrity on which asphalt paving can be done.

A Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Following a preventive maintenance schedule is a must for any asphalt paving product. This involves regular inspections and seal coating that prevents cracking, potholes, oil spots, and other damage to the pavement.

In addition to this, technology has also enabled us to develop stronger asphalt mixes which are better suited for dealing with extreme climates. These mixes not only last longer but also require less maintenance as compared to traditional asphalt mixes.

Improved Asphalt Mixes

Asphalt mixes have also seen advancements in recent times. New additives have been developed to help reduce cracking, improve mix durability and even lower installation costs. This allows for a higher-quality asphalt pavement that can last longer than traditional mixes.

These are just some of the ways technology has changed asphalt paving in recent years. It is an exciting time for asphalt contractors who want to embrace new technologies and use them to create better higher quality pavements.

If you are an asphalt contractor or you want to get in touch with one who stays ahead of the curve, be sure to get in touch with us. We can help you.

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