How To Find A Great Paving Contractor For Your Next Project

How To Find A Great Paving Contractor For Your Next Project

If you want the paving work for your next project to be of good quality with durability, you need to avail the services of a professional paving contractor. Compromising on professional services exposes you to the risk of shoddy work with potential lawsuits if accidents occur. However, accepting that all contractors are not the same, you can evaluate some factors to help you select the best paving contractor for your project in Denver, CO.

Choosing the best paving contractor for your project is vital for the value of your property. Considering price as the only factor can lead to huge losses for you in the future. Consider the following points to help you find the right one:

1. Search for local contractors:

A local paving contractor tends to be more accessible and more responsive to any unforeseen complications that may arise. The paving contractor will also be most suitably versed with the local conditions to ascertain your specific requirements.

2. Research their reputation:

Today, company websites and Google reviews can present a clear picture of the reputation of any business. Your due diligence in researching will be a critical step to evaluating the quality of work of the paving contractors you are considering.

3. Get recommendations:

It is wise to request information from those who have recently hired paving contractors. The best way to cut down your list is to ask for recommendations from people you trust, such as your family, friends, and coworkers.

4. Determine their experiences:

It is essential to have comprehensive information about each contractor that you have selected. The following questions will give you this information:

  • How many years have their estimators or sales staff been in the industry?
  • Does the installation crew have enough skills and experience?
  • What asphalt mix are they going to use?
  • What type of traffic control will they implement?
  • Are there any necessary permits that they must obtain?

5. Confirm the services they offer:

It would be best to opt for a paving company/contractor that offers complete paving services – from paving to maintenance and repairs to proper drainage installation.

6. Request multiple bids:

Always look out for multiple bids to ensure you get the best deal. The offers will help you compare the prices, project inclusions, and warranties provided by each contractor, enabling you to make the best selection.

7. Check Licenses and Insurance:

Insurance is critical to ensure you are not held liable for any injuries while the paving contractor is working on your property. Professional licenses help you ensure that the workers are trained professionals and that the business is legitimate.

8. Consider scheduling:

A reputable paving contractor will always consider the weather, the worksite, and other factors before proposing a start date. It is worth waiting for quality work.

9. Get a written contract:

Do not work with any paving contractor unwilling to sign a written contract. A signed contract will protect all parties involved.

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