Infrared Repairs

National Pavement Partners has deep ties to the Infrared Patching. The ownership was at one point a Western Pioneers that started utilizing Infrared Technology in the late 1980’s. The asphalt repair technology has made leaps and strides over the generations and our teams dedication has always stayed atop of that. The process, has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars to clients over the years and will continue to for years to come. National Pavement Partners has successfully completed Infrared Projects Nationwide!

Conventional Infrared Repairs

  • Area is cleaned of debris
  • Specified surface is heated to target range or approximately 380-450 degrees and verified with a heat gun
  • Area is then scarified between 2-3” in depth
  • Asphalt spoils are then pulled and approximately 15-25% new asphalt is installed
  • New asphalt is then compacted
  • Lifespan 1-8 years

NPP Infrared Premium Patch

  • Area is cleaned of surface debris
  • Specified area is heated to target range.
  • Spoils are pulled
  • Surface is reheated for a second time
  • Spoils are pulled
  • Tack is then applied to the area
  • 50-60 percent new asphalt is then installed and compacted.
  • Lifespan 2-10 years

Infrared Facts

  • Green Pavement Solution
  • Recycles existing asphalt
  • 8-12-minute repair per 48 Square feet
  • Provides thermal bonding between new and old surfaces
  • Cost proven

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