Is Asphalt Environment-Friendly? Does It Affect the Environment?

While many find themselves encountering this burdening question, is asphalt safe for the environment or not? And the simple answer doesn’t serve any justice to this question because there are so many factors that come into play. Asphalt itself is not necessarily bad or good for the environment, but rather it depends on how it is produced and used.

Asphalt is made up of a mixture of stones, sand, and other mineral aggregates that bond together when heated with bitumen. Bitumen forms when crude oil is heated and refined, and it can contain toxic chemicals from the refining process. The production of asphalt emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which contributes to global warming.

If not produced responsibly, asphalt production can also contaminate air and water with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including sulphur dioxide, benzene, & arsenic.

Is Asphalt Reusable or Recyclable?

Certainly, asphalt is reusable and recyclable. Asphalt can be recycled as often as necessary and it does not have to be removed from the site when repaving is done. Recycled asphalt can even be used for new construction, depending on the situation. This helps reduce waste in landfills, conserves energy, and reduces emissions from trucks carrying the materials away.

What Are Other Benefits of Asphalt?

Aside from its reusability and recyclability, asphalt provides many other benefits. It is a hard-wearing material that is easy to repair when damaged. It helps reduce noise pollution, as well as the absorption of heat which can lead to an increase in air temperature—something

Asphalt is Durable: Asphalt pavement is designed to last longer than other types of pavement, so it requires less maintenance and fewer repairs. This reduces the amount of time vehicles need to be off the road due to construction or repairs, resulting in less disruption and reduced emissions from idling cars.

Asphalt is a Low Maintenance Solution: Asphalt requires minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective solution for busy roads and highways. Asphalt does not require regular sealing or resealing and can withstand everyday wear and tear due to its durable nature.

It Can Be Quickly Installed: Asphalt can be quickly and easily installed, so there is less disruption to traffic flow. There’s a wide range of applications which may include road construction, parking lots, bike paths, driveways and many other areas.

Asphalts’ Impact on Land, Air & Water

Did you know that asphalt forms an impermeable barrier which is why it is used to line reservoirs where drinking water is stored, as well as landfill caps, pipelines and lake beds? Asphalt doesn’t leach any hazardous material so it remains secure protection.

The asphalt industry has made groundbreaking strides by reducing air pollution by 97% and boosting production by a remarkable 250%. Most notably, these achievements extend to greenhouse gas effects as well!

As a Minneapolis asphalt company, we are mindful of the phenomenon known as urban heat islands–areas that become increasingly hotter due to an increase in roads. Although asphalt is not directly responsible for this issue, we plan ahead by designing various elements such as water runoff and proper drainage measures to ensure our city upholds quality living standards.

Overall, while asphalt has its pros and cons in terms of environmental impact, it is far from an environmental disaster. With proper production practices, asphalt can provide a safe and durable surface that also reduces emissions and waste. It is a cost-effective option that can help to reduce traffic disruption, in addition to providing a low-maintenance solution.

Our Social Responsibility

Therefore, it is up to you as an individual or a business to determine if the environmental impact of asphalt is worth it for your project. Despite its potential drawbacks, asphalt remains an effective and efficient surface material for many applications.

At National Pavement Partners, we are dedicated to providing quality asphalt services that are mindful of the environment so you can enjoy a beautiful and safe surface without worrying about its impact. Contact National Pavement Partners if you want to install high-quality asphalt at your property. Our team is here to provide you with complete assistance when it comes to asphalt!

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