It’s Time To Plan Your 2021 Paving Budget

It’s Time To Plan Your 2021 Paving Budget

Managing a commercial property is not possible without a proper financial budget. If you want your pavement to stay in top-notch condition, then you need to provide it regular maintenance and timely repair. A neglected pavement will require early repaving. Also, a damaged and stained surface will affect the property value and curb appeal and will inconvenience customers, resulting in slowed business.

To ensure your pavement has a long service life, you need to have a proactive approach to preventive maintenance and repair. Yet, commissioning any paving project is impossible if you do not have a proper budget set aside for these kinds of things. Paving projects are expensive, so you need to plan ahead to effectively manage your spending, curb unnecessary costs, and have money ready for urgent projects. An expert paving firm can help you plan your annual paving budget.

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When creating the best budget, you need to factor in all costs, including unprecedented ones, so your budget does not fall short of the mark. Set aside some money for unexpected repairs or changes in costs for labor or raw material. It is imperative that you devise an accurate budget. Otherwise, all your planning would amount to nothing. Three determining factors can help you plan your 2021 paving budget through informed decision making for greater precision.


Get a thorough inspection done of your pavement from paving experts for an accurate accounting of its condition. A paving contractor like National Paving Partners, who have the required knowledge, and decades of experience dealing with all types of pavement, is the perfect choice to assess your pavement’s condition. Apart from the obvious surface-level damage, they will be able to weed out all issues with your pavement, including a compromised foundation or sub-base and drainage problems. Also, they will be able to accurately predict what issues and damage might arise in the future so that you can plan ahead for any problems.


Age is another significant indicator of your future pavement needs. While other factors like traffic may also affect deterioration, specific issues arise with time, which is where the need to keep a close eye on your surface’s life cycle arises. Let us give you two examples. Usually, after a decade, an asphalt pavement might require resurfacing as the top layer wears down. And a concrete pavement typically lasts between 30 to 50 years, so if your pavement is anywhere near as old as this, you might have to get repaving done soon.


Take into account when last indulged into a particular project, like when was the last time your pavement received repairs or resurfacing. Knowing when was the last time a specific procedure was done can help predict when you might have to get it done next. For example, an asphalt surface needs to be seal coated every three years depending on use, so if you got asphalt sealcoating done last year, you do not need to add that to your current year’s budget.

Once you know exactly what projects you might have to commission, you need to draw up an estimate of how much funds you need to set aside for them. In order to do that, you need the assistance of a reliable paving firm to give you quotes on the total cost of each project, taking into account all factors like raw material costs, labor, equipment, etc. Researching all of this yourself is a hassle, and you probably won’t come up with an accurate number. Therefore, for the budgeting and the actual work, you need to partner up with an experienced paving contractor like National Pavement Partners, who offer the best price guarantee and the best warranty in the business.

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