National Pavement Partners

Meet Our Team

Zach Milewski Founder and CEO

DescriptioZach enjoys coaching his son’s flag football team (Windsor Chargers), he loves going to sporting events, visiting Miami, Zach is always up for an adventure. Zach has been in the industry for 18 years. Unofficially 34 years helping his parents’ paving company they owned in the past while he was growing up. Zach’s drive is to get his kids set up in a place in life that is ahead of the hardships that he had to endure growing up. The responsibility of not letting his team or staff members down also is a driving factor in his life.

Scott Janson Business Development Manager

Scott enjoys boating, soccer & spending time with family. Scott has been in the construction industry for 18 years. Scott’s drive comes from providing excellent service to his customers & building relationships with them.

Tania Milewski Co-Founder

Tania enjoys spending time with her grandkids & children, biking & shopping. Tania has been in the industry for 34 years. Tania’s drive is to create & provide good jobs to help individuals & their families to be successful and live happy lives. She enjoys the community aspect of running a business.

Jen Hofer Accounting

gardening. Jen has been in the industry for around 10 years. Jen’s drive stems from being a facilitator to other people’s success.

Paul Hunt Estimator / Project Manager

Paul is a pilot, so he enjoys flying. He also enjoys hunting, horseback riding & spending quality time with his wife. Paul has been in the industry for 29 years. Paul’s motivation comes from helping his customers to preserve their asphalt & concrete for many years.

Chantea Honer Operations Manager

Chantea enjoys spending time with her daughter, and hiking the beautiful Colorado outdoors. Chantea has been in the industry for 7 years. Chantea’s daughter drives her to be successful.

Nicolas Reinman Director of Sales

Nick enjoys watching football, dirt biking & camping. Nick has been in the industry for 20 years. Nick’s family is his main motivation for his success.

Gabriel Martin Estimator / Project Manager

Gabriel enjoys fishing, spending time with his son & enjoying the outdoors of Colorado. Gabriel has been in the industry since 2003. He has been a milling foreman/superintendent for 18 years. He has been estimating for 2 years. The ambition to be better than he was the day before drives him.