The Top 7 Guidelines And Requirements For ADA Compliant Parking Lots

The Top 7 Guidelines And Requirements For ADA Compliant Parking Lots

The ADA – or Americans with Disabilities Act – is a law that requires all public and commercial facilities to be accessible for people with disabilities. ADA compliance requires parking lots to be designed and constructed in such a way to provide accessible parking spaces, entrances, ramps, restrooms, and other infrastructure features so people with disabilities can use them as conveniently as possible.

If you own a commercial parking lot in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Loveland, or Castle Rock, CO, ADA compliance is crucial for you. In order to ensure your parking lot is ADA-compliant, you will need to follow specific guidelines and requirements. The ADA guidelines below will help you build the perfect ADA-compliant parking lot!

  • ADA-compliant passenger vehicle spaces are identified with signage, painted lines, or both to designate the space as ADA complaint.
  • Parking spaces should be a minimum of 8 feet wide and have a 5-foot access aisle next to it on either side, giving enough room for someone using a wheelchair to get out of their car without being hit by another vehicle.
  • ADA compliant parking stalls should be a minimum of 36 inches wide and 60 inches long. Curb ramps should also be ADA compliant and have a slope of no more than an eight percent grade.
  • ADA compliant parking spaces must have access aisles for an ADA compliant passenger vehicle space. Furthermore, ADA-compliant parking spaces cannot be located next to another.
  • The ADA sign for accessible parking should include the International Symbol of Accessibility. ADA compliant signs must be mounted at a height of five feet from the ground or sidewalk to ensure visibility and understanding for drivers, pedestrians, and passengers.
  • ADA compliant sidewalks are required adjacent to passenger vehicle parking spaces for wheelchair access without ADA ramps. The width of ADA compliant sidewalks at a parking lot entrance should be no less than 36 inches to accommodate ADA compliant maneuvering.
  • The ratio of the total number of parking spaces provided per parking facility to the minimum number of accessible parking spaces is as follows:
    • 1 to 25 parking spaces – 1 accessible parking space
    • 26 to 50 – 2
    • 51 to 75 – 3
    • 76 to 100 – 4

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