What Are the Top 5 Reasons for Asphalt Deterioration?

Asphalt is a petroleum-based material and one can commonly find it in driveways, parking lots, surfacing roads, and similar applications. It is a mixture of binders and fillers such as bitumen, sand and gravel. Asphalt is often considered a cost-effective option for surfaces as it quickly dries up and offers excellent traction. It may take a bit of time for an asphalt surface to wear down but nevertheless, just like other materials, asphalt also tends to experience deterioration.

In this article, we are going to discuss how asphalt can get holes, cracks and crumble. We will also discuss what are the common ways to prevent asphalt from deteriorating.

So without further ado, let’s explore them.

Asphalts Can Deteriorate Because of Moisture Build-Up

Asphalt is a porous material. When water falls on the surface of the asphalt, it penetrates to a significant extent. When the temperature outside starts fluctuating, it undergoes expansion and contraction which impacts the overall asphalt structure. As more small cracks start to form, more moisture starts seeping in and making the foundation of the asphalt more weak.

However, the good news is that you can repair these minor cracks by using effective asphalt maintenance services. It can prevent the problem from worsening within the asphalt. Although one cannot control precipitation or bad weather, a good way to protect your asphalt is to stop water from standing by creating drainage points or gutters within the location.

Surface Pressure Can Weaken Asphalt

The surface pressure on asphalt can be significant. When heavy vehicles drive frequently over the same spot, it creates a lot of stress and tension on the asphalt surface. This eliminates the stability of the asphalt pavement and may cause deep cracks to appear on the surface. Also, when insufficient base layers are used while constructing an asphalt road or parking lot, it further decreases the strength of the asphalt structure.

Traffic is something one cannot avoid. However, you can use effective asphalt maintenance services to repair and fill in the cracks created by heavy vehicles driving over it. It will also prevent further deterioration of the asphalt.

Asphalt Deteriorates Because of Poor Design

If asphalt is not designed properly then it can be prone to various types of damage. The design should take into account factors such as base layers, drainage systems, and surface precautions which can help prevent damages from occurring. Also, when the asphalt is laid down, it should be done by experienced professionals who can ensure that all these factors are taken into consideration.

UV Rays Can Damage Asphalt in Time

UV rays from the sun can damage asphalt and eventually cause it to deteriorate. Asphalt is made up of petroleum-based materials which can break down due to prolonged exposure to the sun. Originally, asphalts have a very dark color which may easily attract and absorb sunlight and heat. And therefore, you may experience the softening up of the asphalt when it gets really hot. Therefore, even after years after it’s installed, one may find it prone to damage as it starts fading away. The best way to protect your asphalt from UV rays is by using seal coating which is a protective layer applied over the asphalt surface.

Chemical Exposure Can Also Deteriorate the Asphalt

When asphalt is exposed to chemical substances such as oil and gasoline, it can start to deteriorate quickly. The petroleum-based substances weaken the asphalt by seeping into it. The stronger the chemical, the greater the damage one can expect from it. To protect asphalt from these kinds of chemical exposures, one should use seal coating to prevent chemicals such as spills from incoming traffic on the asphalt.

These are some of the top 5 reasons why asphalt can deteriorate. Asphalt maintenance is a very important aspect for property owners and managers who want to maintain the longevity of their asphalt. With proper maintenance, one can keep their asphalt looking new for years.

At National Pavement Partners, we understand the importance of asphalt maintenance and its impact on property owners. Our experienced professionals have extensive knowledge in the field and can provide you with a comprehensive maintenance plan for your asphalt. We have a range of services to meet all of your pavement needs and our team is dedicated to providing the best quality service. Contact us today to get started with your asphalt maintenance services.

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