Why This Is The Best Time To Start Asphalt Construction

Why This Is The Best Time To Start Asphalt Construction

The benefits of asphalt construction are known to all. Besides providing cost efficiency and reducing noise, asphalt adds value to the road while improving the environment. Smooth, safe, and durable, asphalt is explicitly constructed to last indefinitely.

Undoubtedly, asphalt is easy to construct and maintain, and builders such as National Pavement Partners know how to make the most out of it. Since asphalt is flexible and sustainable, it should be your first choice for pavement and roads. So, click here to hire our expert asphalt paving contractors for your pavement construction project anywhere in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Denver and Cheyenne, CO today!

Here is one of the significant reasons why now is the high time to begin your asphalt construction project.

Rising Oil Prices

Asphalt is found almost everywhere. From asphalt coat pipes to roofing and paving, asphalt is an integral part of our daily lives. Historians claim to have known asphalt for thousands of years, yet many people are still unaware of its formation.

While it is well-known that asphalt helps create a hard and rugged surface by binding gravel and crushed stones, there are many other materials involved in the production of asphalt. For instance, crude oil and petroleum are essential products that play a crucial role in asphalt’s creation.

By putting crude oil through a distillation process, it separates the various oil components into different by-products. As a result, we get heavy asphalt deposits as a left-over from the refining process.

Although the left-over asphalt goes through multiple further processes such as pulverizing and emulsifying, we will only focus on oil production to better understand why you should start preparing for the asphalt construction project.

Since oil is the main ingredient of asphalt, its rising rates mean that asphalt is directly affected. Not only that, but the increasing oil prices create a domino effect, which involves many other components and products used in the production of asphalt.

Therefore, along with the other raw materials and products getting affected by the rising oil prices, asphalt faces its fair share of the burden. Moreover, the growing oil prices also lend a considerable blow to asphalt paving, asphalt patching and infrared asphalt processes.

Act Now Or Regret Later!

National Pavement Partners extends its support to Denver, Fort Collins, Cheyenne and Colorado Springs, CO, by giving the luxury of locking your rates and striking the iron while it’s hot.

International experts believe that oil prices will continue to rise mainly due to fears of supply disruptions and uncertain conditions in the Middle East. Experts give a strong word of caution as global demand for oil increases again as economies and markets start functioning at normal levels while the pandemic reaches its end.

That’s why in these crucial times, you need to play safe and lock your asphalt orders as soon as possible. National Pavement Partners is one of the premier paving companies in Colorado. We offer a range of asphalt and concrete paving services and are proud to be represented by a team of expert paving professionals who are skilled at what they do.

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