Asphalt Milling

Can also be defined as asphalt planing. Asphalt mills come in sizes from 18” to 150” wide and can take out layers of asphalt as deep as 12”. Asphalt milling is a key part to successful asphalt overlays. Its automated design allows the machines to cut within 1/10” of 1”. For this reason, we can remove an area or parking lot completely as fast or faster than doing asphalt paving in the area.

How We Do It

Edge milling is where the pavement is milled along concrete aprons, drains, pans or existing asphalt you are paving into for a smooth transition.

Profile milling is a term we use when we are milling an area to match another. For example, a parking lot is completely edge milled but the surface in the middle has some waves to it that raise and will hurt the drainage of the overlay. We can profile that specific area to knock down the high areas so there is a smooth surface to pave over.

Full surface milling is a term we use when we are roto-milling an entire parking lot surface a certain depth. The most common depth within a commercial parking lot is 2”-2.5”. This allows the troubled surface area to be stripped completely and repaved to the same slope and grade.

Mill patching is a great asphalt repair for repairing secluded areas within a parking lot. It is much more cost effective than conventional remove and replace and candidate for crack repairing, fatigued or settling areas.

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