Mill and Overlay Service Helps Transform Fossil Creek Shopping Center with a Complete Overhaul of the Parking Lot

milling and overlay

Fossil Creek Shopping Center in Fort Collins has been a popular destination for shoppers and businesses. However, the condition of its parking lot has been a cause for concern. To address this issue and create a more efficient and safe space, a comprehensive overhaul of the parking lot was undertaken, with the expertise of commercial contractor National Pavement Partners. Through the implementation of mill and overlay, and line striping services, the shopping center aimed to improve functionality and enhance the overall experience for visitors.

The Need for Change

The current state of the parking lot at Fossil Creek Shopping Center left much to be desired. Cracks, potholes, and worn-out markings had become commonplace, causing inconvenience and potential safety hazards. Recognizing the need for change, the shopping center partnered with National Pavement Partners, a renowned commercial contractor specializing in paving solutions, to transform the parking lot into a more inviting and user-friendly space.

The Comprehensive Overhaul Plan Utilizing Mill and Overlay

The planned overhaul of the parking lot at Fossil Creek Shopping Center was a meticulous process led by National Pavement Partners. The project commenced with a mill and overlay, where the top layer of the asphalt was removed, eliminating cracks and imperfections. This process created a smoother surface for vehicles and pedestrians, providing a solid foundation for the subsequent steps.

Following the milling process, National Pavement Partners expertly applied overlay techniques. They resurfaced the parking lot with a new layer of asphalt, enhancing its durability and extending its lifespan. The result was a more resilient and long-lasting parking lot that required fewer repairs and maintenance in the future.

To optimize traffic flow and organization within the parking lot, National Pavement Partners meticulously executed line striping services. Clear and visible markings for parking spaces, pedestrian walkways, and traffic lanes were carefully laid out, ensuring a safer and more organized environment for all visitors.

Benefits of the Overhaul

The complete overhaul of the parking lot at Fossil Creek Shopping Center, led by National Pavement Partners, brought about several benefits for shoppers and businesses. Firstly, the improved functionality and smoother surfaces enhanced the overall experience for visitors. The elimination of cracks and potholes provided a more comfortable parking and walking experience. Additionally, the clear and visible line striping optimized traffic flow, reducing congestion and potential accidents.

For businesses within the shopping center, the transformed parking lot had a positive impact on foot traffic and customer satisfaction. The improved aesthetics and functionality created a more attractive and inviting environment, attracting more visitors. This, in turn, led to increased revenue and business growth.


The transformation of the parking lot at Fossil Creek Shopping Center, led by commercial contractor National Pavement Partners, signified a significant step towards enhancing the overall shopping experience for visitors. Through the comprehensive overhaul plan, which included mill and overlay, and line striping services, the shopping center successfully addressed existing issues and created a safer, more efficient, and aesthetically pleasing parking lot.

Thanks to the expertise of National Pavement Partners, the functionality and safety of the parking lot were significantly improved. The optimized traffic flow, organized layout, and smoother surfaces contributed to a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for shoppers and businesses alike.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Fossil Creek Shopping Center and National Pavement Partners successfully transformed the parking lot into a high-quality space that reflected the overall appeal and quality of the establishment. The complete overhaul carried out with expertise and precision, played a vital role in enhancing the shopping experience and ensuring the continued success of the shopping center.