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Crack Filling & Crack Sealing

Crack Filling

New asphalt pavement has a smooth surface. But wear and tear can soon give way to cracks. Cracking on an asphalt surface is never a good sign. At National Pavement Partners, we help property managers keep their pavement assets in top condition with a full-range of asphalt services, including crack filling.

Crack filling is a quick and cost-effective technique for asphalt crack repair. It is most useful for non-working cracks, as well as cracks that don’t expand or contract. Depending on the size of the cracks and your pavement’s condition, we may also recommend crack sealing as well. Call us now to learn more about asphalt crack repair.

Crack Sealing

No matter how small, cracks on an asphalt parking lot cannot be left open. Cracks allow water and oil to reach the sub-base and damage the integrity of your pavement. But filling cracks is not enough; you also need to seal them. At National Pavement Partners, we bring your pavement surfaces back to life with asphalt repairs like crack sealing.

Applying an asphalt crack sealer prevents water from penetrating the surface and weakening your parking lot’s foundational layers. The choice of the crack sealer depends on the climate and pavement condition. So if you notice cracks on your parking lot, get them sealed right away. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

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