Empower Field at Mile High


In the heart of Denver, Colorado, lies an iconic landmark that captures the spirit and passion of this vibrant city: Empower Field at Mile High. This colossal stadium is home to many major events, including the home of the Denver Broncos. Recently it underwent a monumental transformation, breathing new life into its expansive surfaces. The unsung heroes behind this significant transformation were the professionals at National Pavement Partners, a leading commercial contractor known for their expertise in sealcoating and line striping services. Their meticulous planning, expert execution, and unwavering commitment to excellence were the cornerstones of this ambitious project.

Understanding the Necessity of Sealcoating and Line Striping Services

Sealcoating and line striping services, while seemingly simple, play a critical role in the upkeep and longevity of large facilities such as Empower Field. Sealcoating acts as a shield against the harsh elements, preventing the pavement from wear and tear, and maintaining its aesthetic appeal. It also helps to mitigate the risk of cracks, potholes, and other surface damage that could potentially pose a safety risk or lead to costly repairs down the line.

Line striping, on the other hand, provides guidance for both vehicles and pedestrians, enhancing safety, and ensuring efficient traffic flow. In a stadium setting, clear and precise line striping is crucial for parking lots, pedestrian paths, and other designated areas. These elements, though often overlooked, contribute significantly to the overall experience for visitors.

The Pre-Project Stage: Planning and Preparation

Before the sealcoating and line striping services could begin, National Pavement Partners undertook a comprehensive assessment of the project’s scope. This involved evaluating the current state of the pavement, identifying areas that needed particular attention, and devising a strategy to complete the work with minimal disruption to the stadium’s operations. NPP uses the latest technology in pavement evaluation by partnering with SpotOnSite. This app empowers the team to generate precise property sitemaps and fosters flawless, real-time communication with their clients.

A project of this magnitude also required the use of high-quality materials and top-notch equipment. The team at National Pavement Partners left no stone unturned in ensuring they had the best resources at their disposal. Additionally, coordinating a team of skilled workers and managing a tight schedule were crucial components of this preparatory stage. These careful planning and logistical considerations laid a solid foundation for the successful execution of the project.

Implementing the Sealcoating Process

The process of sealcoating at Empower Field was a meticulously choreographed operation. It began with a thorough cleaning of the surfaces to remove any dirt or debris, followed by the careful application of the sealcoat material. Given the size of the stadium and the varied weather conditions of Denver, this was no easy task.

Despite these challenges, the team at National Pavement Partners, with their extensive experience in sealcoating and line striping services, executed the project flawlessly. The result was a beautifully sealed surface, ready for the next stage of transformation.

The Art of Line Striping

Following the sealcoating process, the team moved on to line striping. This phase required a keen eye for detail and precision. National Pavement Partners utilized innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that every line was perfectly placed and clearly visible.

The line striping phase covered various areas of the stadium, including parking lots and pedestrian walkways. Each area was carefully mapped out and marked, ensuring efficient traffic flow and enhanced safety for all visitors. This attention to detail not only elevated the aesthetic appeal of Empower Field but also significantly improved its functionality.

Ensuring the Longevity and Durability of the Project

The completion of the sealcoating and line striping services marked a significant milestone, but the project didn’t end there. Ensuring the longevity and durability of the work done was equally

essential. National Pavement Partners provided comprehensive guidance on the proper maintenance and care of the newly sealed and striped surfaces. They committed to regular check-ups and necessary touch-ups, affirming their promise of long-term support. This ongoing commitment further solidified their reputation as a reliable and trustworthy commercial contractor.

The Impact of the Project on Empower Field at Mile High and the Denver Community

The transformation of Empower Field was not just about enhancing its aesthetics or extending the lifespan of its surfaces. It was a project that resonated on a broader scale, impacting the local economy and the Denver community at large. The project created job opportunities, contributing to local economic growth. It also bolstered the community’s pride in its iconic stadium, reinforcing its status as a beacon of local culture and sportsmanship.

Moreover, the successful completion of this project has elevated Denver’s reputation as a premier sports destination. The impeccable execution of the sealcoating and line striping services has set a benchmark for other stadiums and sports facilities nationwide.


Reflecting on the transformation of Empower Field at Mile High, it’s clear that the project’s success was rooted in the dedicated efforts of National Pavement Partners. Their expertise in sealcoating and line striping services, coupled with their commitment to quality and excellence, played a pivotal role in the stunning makeover of this iconic stadium.

Looking towards the future, Denver can anticipate more exciting developments from these pavement pros. As they continue to pave the way with their outstanding services, they promise a bright and vibrant future for the city’s beloved sporting venues. This project has set the stage for National Pavement Partners to continue their trajectory of excellence, transforming landscapes, and empowering communities.